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The Masquerade Is Over
The main focus of the book is to express to women and men alike that there are solutions that can take you from surviving to thriving in a self created environment that does not welcome domestic abuse.  Domestic abuse rears its ugly presence in both physical and emotional forms.  Many times the impact spreads beyond the recipient of this abuse.  It travels to the victim’s children, work environment, and social circle.
Luzelenia has gained attention for her commitment to eradicating domestic violence and spreading a message of hope that is an amazing life that is waiting for people after they remove themselves from the situation.  Ms. Casanova’s company, Life Path Solutions, LLC, has reached out to prisons, churches, drug rehabilitation facilities and always has a voice present at domestic violence rallies.  Her experience comes from survival and her passion comes from wanting others to know they too have the option of surviving and thriving.
The Masquerade Is Over:  A Victorious Journey from a Silent War takes readers on a journey that is specifically designed to:
  •     Educate
  •     Inform
  •    Bring awareness
  •     Let people know they can gain strength through God
Ms. Casanova tells her story with frank words and honest thoughts of what goes through the minds of people that are victims of domestic abuse.  The readers of this story will grow with her as she changes her mindset from that of a victim and people pleaser to one of an empowered woman who found the inner strength to break free of the masquerade she’d been living.
She is a woman who is making a difference and is passionate about reaching out to others so they can learn the details of domestic violence and its serious impact on society today.  You don’t have to be a victim to learn from her powerful message.  It has value for everybody.
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The Masquerade Is Over
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