The Masquerade Is Over - My Story
My Story
Luzelenia Casanova, a well known advocate against domestic violence and abuse, has released her first book.  The book’s title is The Masquerade Is Over:  A Victorious Journey from a Silent War.  This book pulls experiences from the authors past and pinpoints specific action steps that people who are currently in, or rebuilding from, abusive relationships can use to keep moving forward.
Ms. Casanova, founder of Life Path Solutions, LLC, has reached out to many people regarding domestic violence and delivers a faith based message that is combined with very real and practical information.  According to Ms. Casanova, “This book is not only my story on living in a vicious cycle of domestic abuse.  It is also a blueprint on how to recognize it, how to learn about yourself, reclaim yourself, and reinvent your life.  The most important thing the readers will learn is how to thrive after the abuse is over and break the patterns that lead to abuse.”  This powerful message has been shared with prisons, churches, drug rehabilitation facilities and domestic violence rallies.
 The Masquerade Is Over: A Victorious Journey from a Silent War reaches out to both women and men who have experienced domestic violence in their lives.  Domestic violence is primarily associated with women, but Ms. Casanova knows that it is important to bring awareness to the fact that men are also victims of domestic violence.  When Casanova was asked about her motives for writing the book she replied, “After sharing my story at different speaking events people would approach me and ask if I had a book.  I finally realized that the actions I took to survive were not as easy as I thought they were.  Others found it amazing.”
This book taps into the different forms of domestic violence; which include both physical and verbal abuse.  It shows the very real impact that all forms of domestic violence have on its victims.  The victims are also the children who experience this behavior and do not learn how to address their emotions in a healthy manner.  Luzelenia is entirely devoted to educating, and sharing her journey and ultimate triumph with others so that they too may find happiness. Her mission is to form a crusade to eradicating domestic violence the heinous and destructive plague that has waged war on all people here on earth.

Ms. Casanova is available to speak at your next conference event, church, university, organization or book club discussion; contact us at (413) 532-8211 email: or through the Contact Us link.