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Letter from readers
Dear Writer,

A pretty woman, a harlequin mask, words “Reclaiming You After Abusive Relationships”, and a name all on a book cover.  It‘s just another ordinary women’s  drama book to read.

I, “El Macho”, a middle aged man with two son’s reading a woman’s book?  I don’t even like reading.  I’ll consider the book because, the cover is nice and a friend wrote it.  The last book I read was back in my early thirties.  I always fall asleep reading and this would be no exception.  Reluctantly, one afternoon, I started reading and as expected, I fell asleep on the sofa.  Even, before finishing “The Introduction“ section, the book was put a side.  It would be read no more. 

I awoke with excitement, the next morning.  The watery eyes, the heavy emotions and the core of my heart crying even before my head hit the pillow was truly unexpected.  The Masquerade Is Over, by Luzelena Casanova had pulled me in and I bond to it. 

My childhood memories were reflected in the story.  I saw my mother, sisters and yes even myself in this story.  I came from an abusive childhood.  I found myself identifying with the story and saw lot’s of my life similarly.  Lots of feeling surfaced in me. I learned from reading this book that, in my life, long ago, I too chose to  be “Victorious”.  So, that’s how I overcame my adversity?

The book rises questions in me as a parent, husband, brother and friend.  It offers awakening, comfort, inspiration, challenge, hope and love.  It helps remind us to look towards our future, and to renew self, regularly.  Humanity is it’s essence and anyone can identify.  I truly loved the book. 

P.S. the first two paragraphs aren't entirely my true feelings or true events but, the book inspired me to write creatively. 
Sincerely with love,
Fernando Olivas-Cruz,A true fan