The Masquerade Is Over - Book Reviews
Reviews from readers
"Luzelenia demonstrates a passion for her subject that motivates her audience and her readers to embrace change-no matter what situation we find ourselves in. Those who are struggling to leave abusive relationships, as well as those who have survived and want to realize their dreams, will find useful information in this book."~Melinda Thomas, Survivor Battered Women's Program Staff

"Her love for people has brought her to a place where she is willing to share her own life story to prove that you can do it on your own. I can't help but be inspired and motivated to change my life for the better. Thank you Luzelenia you are an inspiration." ~Justina Vasquez, Student

"The word that comes to mnd for me when I think of you is "dynamo".  I speak from experience as you inspired me to resurrect my own dream to become an artist. Thank you Luzelenia for showing me by your example that I can do it! This book will inspire you to leave an abusive relationship and enthusiastically start over."~Cindy Columbia, Artist

"The Masquerade Is Over" is amazing! This book is full of practical insight for building a rock solid foundation of self-relience and practical empowerment. I highly recommend it."~Seth Czerepak, Author of A Genius Awaits You

"Luzelenia is like a midwife assisting at the birth of an individual finding their identity. She has dedicated herself to helping women reinvent themselves. I recommend this book to anyone suffering from the affects of domestic abuse."~S. G. Ingenito, Teacher

"This book delivers valuable information from the perspective of a survivor turned advocate. The words are powerful and deliver support and courage to those who are seeking a change in their lives. Ms. Casanova's desire to eradicate domestic violence of all sorts is inspiring to say the least. Her goal is to target prevention, not just find ways to help those who have lived it. If you are somebody who wishes to understand the mindset of people in domestic violence situations you will learn a great deal from this book. If you are looking to remove yourself from a dangerous situation you will find out exactly why you should do that - TODAY".  Freedom Fighter (Amazon review)